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    How to register Account Migration
  • 2020-10-27 08:20

Hello Agents,

If you have an En Masse Closers account, you must register account migration before 22nd DEC, 2020 in

order to keep up your account.

Notice: If you have an En Masse Closers account you should register on the account migration website to

make sure that your play data is also transferred.

Please note that if you have an En Masse Closers account then created a separate Naddic account or didn’t

follow the account migration steps, it will not detect your account, and the game data won’t be transferred.

1. You must log in first to register account migration at

2. Check all the explanation and agree to the content then ‘Start Migration’.

3. Enter your email address on the NADDIC GAMES account creation page.

4. Check your mailbox and click the link sent along with the email.

5. Enter your Nickname and press ‘Check’ for availability then Input your password and

answer the CAPTCHA.

6. Confirm your account information and agree to “Terms of Use” / “Privacy and Cookie Policy”

7. After completing all the information, you should arrive at the “Registration Complete” page.

If you have cannot proceed to the next step, please contact [email protected] through the Q&A menu.