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    Steam-Naddic Account Integration
  • 2020-11-04 10:18

Hello Agents,

We would like you to know that the Naddic stand-alone launcher and the Steam launcher are two different platforms.

Players who already registered from Naddic won’t be able to access their saved data when entering Steam.
Therefore, if you wanted Steam as your main platform, you will need to create a Naddic account by launching the Closers client through Steam.

Those who won’t be able to play with their saved data to Steam are accounts that were not integrated before the migration and accounts that are newly created after the re-launch of the server.


[2020-11-04 10:18 PST] Players that already have integrated their En Masse Closers account to Steam before the migration will be able to keep on playing with their saved data in both web and Steam launcher.

[2020-11-16 02:20 PST] On November 19th after the server maintenance, players may now sync their Naddic account to Steam. Your saved data should carry over to Steam when you logged-on to your account. You may visit [ Steam-Naddic Account Integration – Update ] for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.