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    November 5 Update Patch Notes
  • 2020-11-02 08:22

Game Content

1) New character

      • Team Rattus Mirae has been added.
          • Mirae starts with Lv.67 when created.
          • Mirae’s Maximum Level is Lv.83, and it will be expanded through future updates.
          • Mirae Season 1 scenarios and areas will be opened.
      • Draconian rare costumes can be synthesized with Mirae characters.


2) New area – Ancient Dragon Historic Site

      • A new area ‘Ancient Dragon Historic Site’ has been added, and can be entered by characters level 85 or higher.
      • Existing areas have been deleted due to the reorganization of the Dimensional Ops Center.
      • New towns, dungeons, bosses, quests, achievements, and items have been added.
      • The basic difficulty dungeon and the Nightmare difficulty dungeon are opened together.
          • In order to enter the Dungeon of Nightmare difficulty by random matching, you must be promoted to Black Lambs, Wolfdogs, Wildhüter Task Force or higher, and Rattus Fixer or higher. (Mirae Fixer will be updated later)
        • Some dungeons can only be entered on certain days of the week.
            • Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare: Heart -Mon/Thu/Sat/Sun
            • Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle-Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun

System Update

1) Chip Update

      • The chip system has been completely reorganized.
          • Chip has been changed to account sharing.
          • Gears with chips equipped cannot be traded, and when Equip/Unequip, the basic transaction properties of the gear are followed.
          • Chip UI has been integrated, and you can proceed with Equip/Unequipped/ Overclock through the chip inventory (shortcut key ‘ ; ’).
          • The chip protect item is not consumed when removing the chip equipped on the gear.
          • Chip slots can be created only for gear of level 83 or higher.
          • You cannot change the slot color or open the slot for gear under level 83 where chip slots were created before reorganization. (Available: Equip/Unequip/Overclock)
      • Chip types and grades have been reorganized.
          • The grade of chips has been reorganized by tier. (T1,T2,T3)
          • Platinum chip is available up to T2 and color chip is available up to T3.
          • You can collect chips from the lower tier to craft chips from the upper tier.
          • Dark chip has been changed to white chip.
          • As the chips were reorganized, the chips and chip boxes held before the update were collectively changed to [Origin Chips].
          • [Go to exchange rate]
      • A chip overclock system has been added.
          • An overclocking system has been added that increases the chip’s stats by using material chips to equipped chips.
          • The maximum value of overclock is the same as the enhancement level of the gear equipped with the chip.
          • When the overclocked chip is removed from the gear, the overclock level and experience value are reset.
      • Color driver has been integrated.
      • A new chip slot has been added to the Shield and Amplifier items. (1 shield, 3 amplifiers)

2) Pet Update

      • The pet system has been completely reorganized.
          • Pet system UI has been reorganized.
          • Pet can be now shared within the account.
      • A pet rarity system has been added.
          • Pet rarity is divided into < Normal > and < Elite >.
      • A pet enhancement system has been added.
          • Pet enhancement can be performed up to 5 stages, and the quantity of materials used for enhancement varies by stage.
          • When you equip an enhanced pet, some of the character’s stats increase and are reflected in the overall combat power.
      • A pet disassembly system has been added.
          • You can obtain the required for pet enhancement by disassembling the pet.
      • A system for automatic use of pet items has been added.
          • You can use the automatic item use system if you upgrade your pet to 3 levels.
      • A pet skin system has been added.
          • You can set the appearance of your pet with the pet you currently have through the Pet Details tab.
      • Pet Codex system has been added.
      • New Pet Mini Syrphid (Elite) and Mini Bai (Normal) have been added.

3) Black Market Update

      • The black market transaction maximum has been changed to 2 billion credits.
      • A function has been added to re-register items that are not sold.
      • A function has been added that allows you to receive the sold money to another character in your account.
      • The restrictions on using the black market have been adjusted.
          • Level Limit: Lv.35: Deleted
          • Maintain condition for 72 hours after character creation
          • After creating a character, clear the dungeon 20 times to use Black Market.

4) Reorganization of growth path

      • The growth path of Black Lambs and Wolfdogs team has been greatly improved.
      • Skill Manual is also added on Black Lambs, Wolfdogs’ contribution shop


1) Transfer Celebration Special Event : (Event Date: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-03)

      • A special attendance check event for 10 days is in progress.
      • To commemorate the direct service, a gift from the development team will be directly given.
      • You can obtain by meeting the NPC that appears at a certain probability in the dungeon.
          • There is a special buff event to receive weekend buffs even on weekdays.
          • For more information, please check the link [Go]

2) Mirae Level Up Event : (Event Date: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-17)

      • Mirae level up event
          • When you play as a Mirae and achieve a certain level, you  can obtain various rewards including SSS tuning Phase Wings.
      • Mirae creation event
          • When you clear the dungeon with a Mirae, you will get 1 < Old Bandage >.
          • Collect and craft various items including Gear Booster +13.

3) Ancient Dragon Historic Site opening, chip update event : (Event Date: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-17)

      • Accumulated login event to support settlement on Ancient Dragon Historic Site
          • If you accumulate up to 50 hours of login, you can acquire special items including < Real Platinum Driver >.
      • Chip Farming support event
          • Credit cost of 0 for making chips!
          • You can additionally craft , an essential ingredient for Chip Farming, using the Firm Dimensional Cracks, Chromatic Phase Essences, Reanimator, Seabreeze Essence.
      • The quantity of < Agate of Genesis > required to make the T1 Platinum Chip Random Box is reduced from 100 to 50.
          • Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle Challenge! Production event
      • When clearing the dungeon, you will get < Ancient Dragon’s Wing Fragment >.
          • Collect and create a variety of items that help with the spec-up, including T1 Platinum chips.
      • New/return events are always operated according to the set criteria.
          • New: All users who create a new account
          • Return: When a user who has not logged in for more than 30 days logs in
      • Provides various special consumables when new/returning users achieve a specific level.
      • In order to support the rapid development of new/returning users, < Growth Support Box > is provided according to the level.
      • A 15-day attendance event is held for quick settlement of new/returning users.

4) November Closers Day Event : (Event Date: November 7th 04:00 ~ November 8th 03:59 (UTC)

      • Immediately after login, you can get a that you can experience Draconian rare costume and +15 gear.
      • If you log in for 100 minutes on the day, you can get 2 < Yu PD’s Gift Box >.

5) Weekend Cumulative Login Event

      • Up to 18 depending on the accumulated login time when logging in on the weekend.

6) Ended Event

      • The Halloween event dungeon has ended.
      • The transfer commemorative event has ended.

Cash Shop

1) Mirae Related Items

      • Mirae hair and bear/panda pajamas are always on sale.
      • Mirae Premium Starter Pack is sold.
          • Sales period: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-19
      • Mirae Mono Training Costume Package is always on sale.

2) Transfer Commemorative Items

      • In commemoration of the transfer, a package with a very special composition and price will be sold.
          • Sales period: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-03
      • A serial discount is in progress to commemorate the transfer.
          • Sales period: 2020-11-05 ~ 2020-12-03
          • The more you purchase the product, the higher the discount you get.
          • If you purchase all products of one order, you can obtain high-value items for free, and you can purchase up to three times.

3) Chip Update Item

      • Color driver item has been added.
      • Chip protector item price has been lowered.

4) Pet Update Item

      • Pet eggs and adult package items have been greatly adjusted.

5) November Closers Day Item

      • On the occasion of Closers Day, special items are sold only for a limited period.
          • Sales Period: 2020-11-07 00:00 ~ 2020-11-09 23:59 (UTC)

Washing Machine

1) Washing Machine Adjustment

      • Washing Machine sales price is permanently lowered
          • 100 -> 90
      • If you purchase a lot of Washing Machines at once, the number of bonus Washing Machines provided will be further increased.
      • The probability of obtaining < Gear Booster +14 Pouch > is added to the Washing

2) Mirae Arcana Joker

      • Mirae costume [Arcana Joker] Washing Machine will be added.
      • Arcana Joker A, B, C type clothes and accessories will appear.
      • If you have 7 parts of the same type of Arcana Joker costume, an illustration that matches the type will be activated.

3) Cozy Winter

      • All character costumes [Cozy Winter] Washing Machine have been added.
      • Cozy Winter A,B,C type clothes and accessories will appear.
      • If you have 6 parts of the same type of Cozy Winter costume, illustrations that match the type will be activated.


The [Transmitter] menu has been added to the Union Store, where you can obtain special items such as pets and chips.
Transmitters do not offer bonus transmitters based on the purchased quantity.

1) 1st pet transmitter [Syrphid pickup]

      • Sales Period: Until otherwise announced
      • A transmitter item that can acquire a new elite pet [Mini Syrphid] has been added.
      • When the pickup item ends and the next item appears, the probability of obtaining the [Mini Syrphid] pet is lowered.

2) Chip Transmitter

      • Sales Period: Always
      • Transmitter items that can acquire T1, T2 color chips and platinum chips have been added.


      • The game client has been switched to 64-bit.
          • You must install the related program to log in to the game. [Shortcuts]
      • Team Rattus has been added to the Hero’s Furnace.
      • Audience with Legion Commander: The achievement conditions for Beelzebub has been lowered.
      • Union Camp’s My Room exploration rewards have been changed.
      • Some achievements have been removed.
      • Some achievement rewards have been changed.
      • Some dungeons’ clear rewards, drop items, quest rewards, and mission rewards have been changed.
      • The probability of transcending some gears has been increased.