• Event

    Weekend Accumulative Login Event
  • 2020-12-02 11:26

Starting this December 5th, acquire in-game items when you accumulate your log-in time in Closers!

Date Login Time Amount and Item Name
Dec 5th (Sat) Login x10 Luck Stabilizer
30m x30 Pet Core
60m x3 Fly King Fragment
120m x1 Normal D Component: Gear
180m x1 Advanced D Component: Gear
Dec 6th (Sun) Login x10 Phase Stabilizer
30m x5 UNION Gear Lubricant
60m x1 Glutton King’s Chain
120m x2 Change Phase Kit
180m x1 Transcendental Elixir
Dec 12th (Sat) Login x1 Elite Status (1-Day)
30m x50 Apocalypse Thorn
60m x1 Slot Type Modification Tool
120m x1 T2 Colored Chip Selection Box
180m x3 Apocalypse Essence
Dec 13th (Sun) Login x1 Gardening Voucher (1-Day)
30m x1 Maid Service Voucher (1-Day)
60m x10 Gear Booster I
120m x1 Glutton King’s Chain
180m x1 Lucky Gear Boost I
      • Unused Consumables Items will be deleted on 2020-12-31 06:00 UTC.