• Maintenance

    Dec 31 Hotfix Server Maintenance
  • 2020-12-30 06:05

Hello Agents,

We will be having a hotfix maintenance on December 31st to resolve the Xigncode error that players are experiencing when launching the game with the following schedule:

      • UTC: December 31, 2020 at 01:30 ~ 03:30
      • PST: December 30, 2020 at 17:30 ~ 19:30

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


        • As of December 31 at 3:00 UTC (Dec 30 at 19:00 PST), the server is now open. You may now log-in to the game. Compensation due to this issue is under discussion. Please keep an eye on this site for further updates. Thank you for your patience.
        • We will be sending the following items as compensation for the Xigncode issue:
          – Elite Status (3-day) x1
          – Gardening Voucher (3-day) x1
          – Maid Service Voucher (3-day) x1
          – Sector Pass Selectable Box x3
  • These items will be sent once per account via Mailbox to the character who first logged-in after the maintenance on Jan 6th UTC. The compensation will be provided until Jan 20th UTC.
        • Update as of Jan 6th, the obtained period for this compensation was changed to January 6th to 13th. The box can be kept to the main for 30 days.