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    2020 Agents of the Year Winners
  • 2021-01-05 07:22

Greetings Agents of Closers,

This is all we have been waiting for!

We are pleased to announce the Agents who reached all limits and demonstrated exceptional devotion to Closers Online.

Congratulations to all Closers achievers for the year 2020.

Rewards will be sent to your mailbox after the scheduled maintenance on January 6th.

Criteria Rewards
Agent who clears the most Dungeons x1 Yellow Dragon’s Cintamani (30-days)
Agents consuming the most N-Coin x1 3-star Star of the Giant Phase Wings x1 Fighting God’s Saint Sword Phase Wings (temporary)
Agents consuming the second most N-Coin x1 3-star Star of the Giant Phase Wings
Agents consuming the third most N-Coin x 1 3-star Star of the Giant Phase Wings
The agent who tried the most Enhancement using the Enhancement Fortifier x1 Gear Booster +15
Agent with the highest number of successful Costume Conversions x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume
Agent with the most server chat x1 Elite Status (30-Day)
One of the agents who supported the 2020 Agent Of The Year x1 Draconian Full-set Box
Agent who destroyed Glutton King’s Core the most x1 Glutton King Conqueror Box (Tradeable)
      • For more information about the rewards, please visit the 2020 Agents of the Year Event announcement: 2020 Agents of the Year

We in Naddic, are pleased to hear about your heartwarming messages during this event and we would like to give a small gift to all players!

All players who logged-in from January 6 to 20 will receive x3 Transcendence Elixirs. You may receive this once per account and it will be automatically sent to your mailbox.

Please take note that the mail will expire 30 days after receiving it and the reward will expire on June 30, 2021, 9:00 AM UTC.

We sincerely thank all Closers Agents and we hope for your continued support to build more significant achievements in the future.