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    March 10 Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-03-10 12:16

1) New Dungeon Asmodeus – Ocean King

▶ New Dungeon Asmodeus – Ocean King is added

  • You can find the [Ocean King Asmodeus] dungeon at the [Dream Theater <Reverse> area]
  • The level requirement to enter the [Ocean King Asmodeus] dungeon is level 87
  • [Ocean King Asmodeus] dungeon quests have been added
  • You can enter the solo dungeon for quest clear
  • You can enter [Ocean King Asmodeus] dungeon when all quests are cleared.
  • All [Eroding Mist] quests need to be cleared in order to enter the [Ocean King Asmodeus] dungeon.
  • Fly King’s wishes items have been renamed to Legion Commander’s Wishes

▶ [Legion Commander The Audience: Ocean King Asmodeus] Survey contribution and point rewards have been added.

  • Contribution points for each part can be acquired by playing with a 12-player investtigation team (F~SSS grade)
  • At the end of the raid, a rank is given according to the number of accumulated contribution points, and the rewards will depend on the rank. (Once a day)

▶ [Ocean King Asmodeus] new items has been added

  • A new core/module/trinket has been added.
  • The group before the reinforcement of Asmodeus equipment has been added.
  • Asmodeus gear set compatibility has been added.
  • Asmodeus module is compatible with the Glutton module/Lusty module and set compatibility.
  • The Asmodeus module cannot be worn with the Lusty module (Extra) and the Glutton module.
  • Asmodeus Trinket is set compatible with the Devastation Trace.
  • Asmodeus Trinket cannot be equipped along with the same kind of Devastation Trace or vice versa.

▶ The chain buff system has been added.

  • A new buff system ‘Chain Buff’ has been added to Asmodeus equipment.
  • Chain Buff’ is a buff system that is applied as different types of buffs are constantly changed.
  • The ‘Chain Buff’ system has the following types, and a probability is applied between each chain.
    • Endless chain in the form of A buff → B buff → A buff → B buff
    • A buff → B buff → C buff → buff ends

▶ New Gear Grade ‘Extra Item’ has been added.

  • “Extra Item” is the highest grade item.
  • Group before Enhancement of Extra Item has been added.
  • Extra items can be acquired through the [Floundering Holy Place of Ocean King] Dungeon.

2) Maximum Enhancement Limit has been increased to +20

▶ Achievement for Item enhancement has been expanded. 
▶ Enhancement Balance has been modified.

  • Enhancement Attack Power factor of +14 and above modules has been changed.
  • The success rate is increased when enhancing +10~+12 items.

3) T3 platinum chip 

  • T3 platinum chip has been unlocked. 
  • Maximum Chip Enhancement Limit has increased to +20

4) Union Membership Point Shop

  • Union membership point shop has been added.
  • You can access the Union Membership Point from the Union Store
  • Various items are sold on the Union Membership Point Shop which can be purchased using Union Membership Point
  • Shop reset time varies depending on the item. It may reset every day at 04:00 or every Saturday at 04:00 or every 1st day at 04:00.

5) TCP(%) Ranking

  • TCP(%) Ranking has been added
  • Players on the top 50% will receive rewards
  • TCP(%) Ranking will be a different ranking than the TCP top 10 ranking

6. All characters’ skill has been renewed


Asmodeus Event

  • Login Event
  • Dungeon Clear Event
  • Event Period: After March 10, 2021 maintenance – April 7, 2021 maintenance
  • Enhancement Rate Increase Event
  • Maximum of 50%
  • Event Period: After March 10, 2021 maintenance ~ March 24, 2021 maintenance

Weekend Accumulative Login Event

      • The Closers Weekend event will start soon.

Cash shop

The following items are added to the Cash Shop.

Ocean King Package
            Sale Period: After 2021-3-10 maintenance ~ 2021-3-24 maintenance

Ocean King Chain-Discount
            Sale Period: After 2021-3-10 maintenance ~ 2021-4-07 maintenance

Vultures Secret Store Package
          Sale Period: 2021-3-10 After maintenance ~ Always

▶ Task Force Free Pass Package
          Including Taskforce Outfit and FULL Taskforce quest items!
          Sale Period: March 10, 2021 after maintenance ~ Onwards

Task Force Free Pass Package

x30 Task Force Material
x1 Task Force Clothes Full Set Box
x200 Sticky Residue 
x200 Contaminated Dimensional Essence
x400 Amplified Dimensional Essence
x500 Pure Alien Pressure Valve
x500 Synchronization Gene

x500 Dimensional Core
Only 1,990 N-coins

      • Task Force Material will depend on the opening character.
      • Task Force Clothes Full Set Box, Full-Body/Hair/Weapon Costume will depend on the opening character.
      • Black Lambs, Wolfdog, Wildhuter Team Characters can only purchase this item.

The Product below will be deleted from the Cash Shop.

▶ CMC Special Package
▶ UNION Finishing Package
▶ UNION Starter Package

Washing Machine

The following products are added to the Material conversion.

            Sale Period: After 2021-3-10 maintenance ~ 2021-4-21 maintenance

Cat Club (Mirae release)
            Sale Period: After 2021-3-10 maintenance ~ 2021-4-21 maintenance

The following products are ended in material conversion.
▶ In Wonderland
▶ Dimension Runner


▶ New mode has been added to the following dungeons:

  • Solo mode for Misook/Untouchable has been added
  • Contamination Hell 1 player mode has been added.
    In the case of Contamination Hell 1 player mode, there is no concept of a floor, but the monster appears in the same order as the Contamination Hell 4 monster.
  • Party mode for Flyking’s Body has been added

▶ MP recovery buff has been added on Babel program
▶ Rattus Phase Wings can now be crafted from Babel Crafting machine
▶ Investigation Team Rank Reward has been added.

  • The number of times you need to destroy each part has been changed.
  • The score acquired when destroying a part has been changed from 3000>1500

▶ Some Gear Item has been renewed.

1) Increased Gear Level for Demons’ Night

  • 107 -> 135

2) Acquire Unknown Material during Glutton’s Gear Salvage
3) Locust Hell Module / Transcendence Locust Hell Module / Undreaming Chest will have a new option: Basic Attack Training Passive Skill +5

▶ The credit consumption of the Dark Prophecy Box has been reduced to 0.
▶ A “Next Dungeon” Button feature has been added to the Planar Gate Deep Layer Dungeon and Babel Program.
▶ Enhancement transfer group has been added

  • Water Demon’s Cradle /Busan Module -> Lusty/Extra Module is now available.

▶ Improvement of Selection Box System

  • The Selection Box System has been improved.
    -> You can select how many boxes to use at once.

▶ The String of the Grand Bleu Module has been changed.

  • This Gear cannot be worn together with [Glutton’s XX Series].
    -> This Gear cannot be worn together with [Legion Commander XX Series].

Exploration Changes

  • Some UNION Camp Exploration Reward will be changed.
  • Some UNION Camp Exploration Accumulative Reward will be deleted.

▶ Item Sale property change

  • Trade will now be possible for some items
  • The price of some items is adjusted.

▶ Dungeon Entrance Count Adjustment

  • Some Dungeon’s entrance count is adjusted.
  • Coercion’s Sand Storm HARD, Coercion’s Sand Storm V.HARD, [Nightmare] Coercion’s Sand Storm: Twice per character
  • Poisonous Sandstorm HARD, Poisonous Sandstorm V.HARD, [Nightmare] Poisonous Sandstorm: Twice per character

▶ Glutton King Page Conversion Renew

  • The’ Dream World: The ‘Fly King Page Conversion” tab that is found in the ‘Dream Theater << Reverse >> Craft’ machine has been removed
  • 5 New Selection Box Craft Lists are added to the ‘Meeting with Legion Commander’ tab.

▶ Farming the following items has been alleviated:

  • Demons’ Night
  • Operation Puriciation & Contamination Hell gear
  • Fly King : The Audience Gear
  • Fly King : Meeting Gear
  • Busan Area Gear

▶ Improved usability of gear Lubricant

  • When using the UNION Gear Lubricant, the retry button is deactivated when 100% quality is achieved.

▶ Transcendence Accelerant Improvement

  • “Transcendence Accelerant [ALL]”, which is used in all stages of Transcendence, is added.
  • The original Lv.1 ~ Lv.5 Transcendence Accelerant can be used the same as before.
  • Rainbow Tree Harvest Reward that can acquire Transcendence Accelerant in Farm has been renewed.

▶ Change the location of the Babel Program Entrance

  • The location of the NPC at Babel Program Entrance has been changed to the inside of the Planar Gate warp gate.

Existing Raid Open Days have been changed (UTC Time)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  Fly King: The Audience   Fly King: The Audience   Fly King: The Audience  
Fly King: Meet   Fly King: Meet   Fly King: Meet   Fly King: Meet
Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare: Heart         Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare: Heart  
  Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle         Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle
        [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare: Heart   [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare: Heart
    [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle     [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle  
      Asmodeus:The Audience   Asmodeus:The Audience Asmodeus:The Audience
Yod’s Sea