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    March 24 Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-03-23 11:33

1) April Fool’s Day Event Dungeon

▶ Event dungeon <Han High School> has been added

  • The <New Han High School> dungeon event will be held from March 24th to April 21st.
  • Requires Level 40 in order to enter the dungeon.
  • The dungeon entrance is located at the ‘Han High School’ area and you can enter through the dungeon Mission Minder.
  • You can go directly to the ‘New Han High School’ area if you accept the quest from Planar Gate NPC Bitna.
  • You can get ‘New Han High School Certificate’ and ‘New Han High School Meal Ticket’ when clearing the <New Han High School> dungeon.
  • Craft various items using the ‘New Han High School Certificate’ item.
  • Consumable items from the event will be deleted on June 31, 2021, at 9:00 am.
  • The dungeon Mission Minder in the Han High School area is displayed in a transparent state.

2) April Fool’s Day Skin Activation

April Fools’ illustration skin is activated

3) Mirae Cheolsu Dark Command Synthesis

  • When the costume is successfully synthesized using ‘Dark Synchro Fiber’ with Mirae and Cheolsu, the Dark Command costume will appear.

  • If you have 6 sets of Dark Command, the Dark Command Pack will be activated and you can use the basic attitude of the village and exclusive emotion skills. 
  • If you have 10 sets of Dark Command, the Dark Command special pack is activated.


April Fool’s Day Event

  • Log-In Event
  • New Event Dungeons
  • Event Period: After the March 24, 2021 maintenance – April 21, 2021 maintenance.

New Monthly Log-In Event

▶ Weekend Accumulative Login Event

▶ Closers Day Event

Cash Shop

The following items are added to the Cash Shop
Dark Synchro Fiber

  • Event Period: After the March 10, 2021 maintenance – permanent.

April Fool Package

  • Event Period: After the March 24, 2021 maintenance – April 7, 2021 maintenance.

▶ Closers Day Package

  • Event Period: After the March 31, 2021 maintenance – April 5, 2021 maintenance.

The Products below will be deleted from the Cash Shop

▶ Asmodeus Package

▶ Cross Material Conversion

Washing Machine

The following products are added to the Material Conversion
Leisurely Morning (Mirae and Cheolsu Kim Release)

  • Event Period: After the March 24, 2021 maintenance – April 21, 2021 maintenance.

Floral Picnic

  • Event Period: After the March 24, 2021 maintenance – April 21, 2021 maintenance.

The following products will end in Material Conversion

Office Life

Autumn School Look


April Fool’s day Lucky Transmitter

  • Sale Period: After March 24, 2021 maintenance – April 7, 2021 maintenance


Hot Fix Compensation (March 11 & March15)

  • Compensation for the Hot Fix maintenance
  • Once per account until April 7, 2021 at 9:00 AM UTC
Temporary Server Maintenance Compensation

x1 Elite Status Voucher (1-Day)
x1 Maid Service Voucher (1-Day)
x1 Gardening Voucher (1-Day)
x10 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule

Davy Jones armband causing disconnection when listing to Black Market has been fixed

Steam DLC error has been fixed. DLC items will be in the delivery box after the maintenance

Other Known issues (Item and Text bug) are fixed.