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    Sunshine Wave Returned!
  • 2021-04-27 11:53

Sunshine Wave Returned!

We all miss the cool breeze of the wind and the hot blazing sun! Get a nice tan with the return of Sunshine Wave costumes!

Sales Period

      • May 6, 2021 – June 16, 2021 UTC

Sunshine Wave

      • Wearing 5 pieces regardless of color type activates an Exclusive Sunbed Emote.
      • You will receive an Exclusive Illustration when you have 5 pieces of clothing of the same color type.
      • In addition to the above having Sunglasses, accessory will activate the tanned version of the Image Portrait

A, B and C Type

Available Costume – All Character Costume Available Available Unique/Rare Accessory

2-star Costume Piece
Sunshine Wave Hair A/B/C
Sunshine Wave Chest A/B/C
Sunshine Wave Legs A/B/C
Sunshine Wave Feet A/B/C
Sunshine Wave Hands A/B/C

2-star Accessory Piece
Sunshine Wave Sunglasses

Shining Star
Shining Star Pealing (Unique)
Shining Star Earphones (Unique)
Shining Star Eye (Unique)
Shining Star Speaker (Unique)

Full Set Specification – A/B/C Type Full Set

Full Set Box Component
Sunshine Wave Hair
Sunshine Wave Chest
Sunshine Wave Legs
Sunshine Wave Feet
Sunshine Wave Hands

Washing Machine Accumulative Purchase Reward

Amount Amount and Bonus Item
50 x1 Sunshine Wave Costume Piece Random Box (Accessory not included, 1 Random in All Piece)
100 x2 Sunshine Wave Costume Piece Random Box (Accessory not included, 1 Random in All Piece)
150 x1 S/A D Component: Costume
200 x10 Splendid D Component: Costume
250 x2 Sunshine Wave My character Piece Random Box (Accessory not included, 1 Random My character piece)
300 x1 Sunshine Wave Sunglasses
500 x1 Sunshine Wave Full Set Selection Box (Select 1 among A, B, C Type)
600 x1 Shining Star Accessory Random Box
800 x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear
1000 x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume