• Notice

    Costumes Tuning Option
  • 2021-07-21 10:31

Hello Agents,

It has come to our attention that there are two unintended tuning options that were included in the following costumes:

      • 2,3-star Checkered Flag Umbrella [A], [B], [C]
      • 2,3-star Dimension Runner Sunglasses [A], [B], [C]
      • 2,3-star Azure Romance Brooch [A], [B], [C]
      • 2,3-star Office Life Employee Card [A], [B], [C]
      • 2,3-star Eunha’s Moonlight Edge Necklace [A], [B], [C]

The unintended tuning options are the Attack Speed (%) and the Damage Bonus during Empowered State.

These tuning options will be removed from the listed costumes during the August 4th update. However, if you currently have these tuning options, it will remain as it is unless you manually change it with a tuning component.

Thank you for your understanding.