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    Hot Summer Packages
  • 2021-08-03 08:09

Hot Summer Packages

The heat of the dazzling sun will not stop us from giving huge discounts
with our Hot Summer Packages!

Sales Period

      • August 4, 2021 – August 18, 2021 UTC
Hot Summer – Costume SS Package


x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume
x1 S Guaranteed D Component: Costume
x100 Greater Phase Fiber
x100 Splendid Phase Fiber
x5 Costume Fusion Fiber
x5 Shining Synchro Fiber
x5 Repackaging Permit (Unique Costume)

 10,000 UMP 


Package Value: 28,840

Now for only 9,900 N-coins!
66% Discount
Purchase Limit: Once per account

Hot Summer – Character Growth Package


x1 Elite Status (30-Day)
x1 Maid Service Voucher (30-Day)
x1 Gardening Voucher (30-Day)
x1 Origin Chip X10 Box
x100 UNION Special Luck Stabilizer
x50 UNION Special Phase Stabilizer
x50 UNION Special PNA Stabilizer
x1 +13 Gear Booster
x1 Phase Wings Essence
x1 UNION Name Tag

 2,000 UMP 


Package Value: 4,969

Now for only 1,990 N-coins!
60% Discount
Purchase Limit: Once per account