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    Known Issues Notice – Updated
  • 2021-09-08 04:03

Hello Agents,

We would like to announce the known bug that appeared after the latest patch update.

PNA Armor Types

      • The PNA Armor names in the character stat details were not properly updated, we have fixed this immediately and it should show the correct names once you re-login to the game.

Geboring Mini Drink

      • The fatigue potion that is currently found in crafting is a known issue and it will be removed. Please do not craft this item until the next update.

Eunha Black Suit

      • The Eunha Black Suit costume causes the character to be invisible when it is equipped. This will be fixed on September 9th and after it has been applied, it should show correctly after you re-login to the game.

Union Watch Button – Gamepad

      • The Union Watch button when using a gamepad is missing. We are still investigating this issue and we will include an update in one of our patch announcements once it has been fixed. We kindly suggest using keyboard while this is under review.

Additional Known Issues

Washing Machine Components

      • Guaranteed SS Components were falsely added but these items will not be removed on this Washing Machine. We will be providing the correct Washing Machine components during the next update.

User Interface

      • The User Interface does not scale correctly when changing resolutions. We are improving UI optimization and scaling issue step by step, while we are reviewing this we highly recommend using the 1920×1080 or higher resolution while playing the game.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you encountered any bugs or issues, we highly suggest contacting us via Support inquiry to or send us an email to, [email protected] and we will investigate it!