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    Known Issues Notice – SEP 23rd – Updated
  • 2021-09-23 04:38

Hello Agents,

We would like to announce the known bug that appeared after the latest patch update. 

Geboring Mini Drink in Arena Tab

      • The fatigue potion that is currently found in crafting is a known issue and it will be removed during the hotfix. Please do not craft this item until the next update.

Level Jump – Tina PNA

      • Tina characters that were created through the Level Jump event received ‘Stoicism’ Special Strain instead of ‘Speed Chaser’. We are still investigating this issue and the exact maintenance schedule in order to fix this will be announced later by next week. 
      • While this is under review, please do not consume your materials to level-up your Speed Chaser and Stoicism since we will provide it once the issue will be fixed. Level 1 and 30 Stoicism currently exists through PNA, we are planning to delete the lower leveled one. Update: Any consumed materials for leveling low level Stoicism will not be reimbursed.
      • After the fix has been made, all characters that were created through Level Jump will get their ‘Stoicism’ replaced to ‘Speed Chaser’.

Additional Information

Contribution Points

      • The Contribution Points are intended to be found in the Matter Mixer and not in the Vending Machine. We apologize for the confusion.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you encountered any bugs or issues, we highly suggest contacting us via Support inquiry to or send us an email to, [email protected] and we will investigate it!