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    LV.85 Jumping Character Event
  • 2021-09-19 05:45

LV.85 Jumping Character Event

Take a big leap! The most anticipated Character Jumping Event has returned!

Event Period

September 23, 2021 to November 3, 2021

Receive a Lv.85 Jumping Ticket from the Event Tab! For new players, you will need to create a character first to claim this ticket.

Level Condition Item Name 
10 x1 Lv.85 Jumping Ticket
      • Unused Jumping Ticket will expire on November 3, 2021 at 9:00 AM UTC
Jumping Character Overview Details
Available to Characters All characters excluding Eunha
Character Level 85
PNA Level 70
TCP 3.5M (With costumes and gears equipped. For Rattus Team, after Resolver promotion)
Promotion Special Agent/Hireling
Story Starts from Hunter’s Night Area
Special Benefit Inventory Full Slot open, Gear/Costume/Consumables/Material Item Support
Main Gear Items Glutton Infinite Core/Module

Following items will be provided to Jumping characters

Jumping Support Boxes Contents
Jumping Gear Box (2021 Autumn) Infinite Glutton’s Agile Core V
Infinite Glutton’s Booster V
Infinite Glutton’s Engine V
Seduction Booster V
Striker’s Infinite Illusionist’s Amplifier V-A
Striker’s Infinite Illusionist’s Amplifier V-B
Striker’s Infinite Illusionist’s Amplifier V-C
Striker’s Pilgrim Ring V
Striker’s Pilgrim Signet V
Striker’s Pilgrim Pendant V
Demons’ Night Cosmic Striker Ring
Demons’ Night Cosmic Striker Necklace
Demons’ Night Cosmic Striker Doll
Jumping Trigger Selectable Box (2021 Autumn) Nearing Shadow of Chaos Trigger Set
Rampaging Wave of Destruction Trigger Set
Dark Erosion of Oblivion Trigger Set
Burning Hellfire of Anger Trigger Set
Jumping Consumables/Materials Box (2021 Autumn) x10 All-in-One Talisman Box
x20 Phase Stabilizer
x20 Luck Stabilizer
x30 UNION Special PNA Stabilizer
x1 Alpha Equalizer
x5 Transcendental Elixir
x5 Normal D Component: Gear
x5 Normal D Component: Costume
x5 Slot Type Modification Tool
x1 Origin Chip x10 Box
x5 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
x5 Resurrection Capsule x11
x5 Sector Pass Selection Box ver.1.1
x100 Multi-Dimensional Reactive Substance
x50 Luck Stabilizer
x5 Holy Grail: Fly King Investigation Report
x30 Splendid Phase Fiber
x100 Greater Phase Fiber
x10 Essence of the Sea Breeze
Jumping Costume Box (2021 Autumn) x1 Special Agent/Resolver Costume Full Set (3-star, Non-Tradable/Repackage)
x1 Signature Costume Full Set Selection Box (30-Day)
Renew Chip Support Box Renew Chip Support Box
Level UP Box Lv.86 Level UP Box Lv.87
Shining Synchro Fiber
Level UP Box Lv. 87 x1 Level UP Box Lv.88
x1 +13 Gear Booster
Level UP Box Lv. 88 x300 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule
x1 Punisher Wings Box (30-Day)
x1 S Guaranteed D Component: Gear
      • Unused Consumables will expire on December 31, 2021 at 9:00 AM UTC
      • All Level Up Boxes will expire on November 30, 2021 at 9:00 AM UTC

Jumping Package

Get the new Jumping Package to maximize the growth of your level jumped character even more!

Sales Period

September 23, 2021 to November 3, 2021

Jumping – Essential Package 

x1 Elite Status (30-Day)
x5 Resurrection Capsule x11
x200 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule
x10 Network Interference Device
x30 UNION Special Phase Stabilizer
x30 UNION Special Luck Stabilizer
x30 UNION Special PNA Stabilizer
x1 Closer Name Tag
x1 UNION Name Tag
x1 Han High School School Uniform Basic Full Set
x10 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
x1 Transparent Costume All-in-One Package
x1 Visual Slot 17 piece Full Set
x1 Character Pet Random Box
x1 Gear/Consumables /Material Slot Expansion Full Set

 2,000 UMP 


Package Value: 17,360 Now for only 1,990 N-coins!
89% Discount
Purchase Limit: Once per account
Jumping – Support Package 

x3 Sector Pass ver.1.1
x2 Transcendental Elixir
x2 Slot Type Modification Tool
x1 Resurrection Capsule x11
x50 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule
x10 Networkd Interference Device
x10 UNION Special Phase Stabilizer
x10 UNION Special Luck Stabilizer
x10 UNION Special PNA Stabilizer

 300 UMP 


Package Value: 980 Now for only 290 N-coins!
70% Discount
Purchase Limit: 10 times per account