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    December 15th Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-12-15 07:00

December 15th Update Patch Notes

Contents & System

New Story Area – Centum City Chapter 1 Update

  • The new area ‘Centum City’ has been updated. 
  • Centum City is the latest story area coming after Busan – Nampo dong area.
  • Lv.86 or higher characters can enter the area.
  • All characters’ max level has been expanded to 89.
  • Centum City dungeons have been added. 

Dungeon Name 


Mexco Lobby (Day) 


Mirak Waterside Park (Day) 

Available for Black Lambs/Wolfdog/Rattus team 

Gwangan Bridge (Daytime) 

Available for Black Lambs/ Wolfdog/ Wildhüter 

Centum Culvert (Surface) 

Available for Wildhüter/Rattus 

Suyeon Yachting Center (Day) 


  • Battle Program: Jina Grace has been added.
  • A new material ‘Promptitude Bug Lump’ for crafting Speedster modules can be obtained from this dungeon.
  • New module gears have been added.

Item Name 


Common Option 

Required Lv. 


[Physical] Speedster Module 

Physical Power 700 

Physical Crit Damage 100% 

Activates on hit: [Speed Force] Damage Bonus during Empowered State 25% 

PF Charge Speed 25% 

(Duration: 120 sec, Cooldown 180 sec) 


[Basic Attack Training] +5 

Aerial Crit Damage 15% 

Back Attack Crit Damage 15% 

Chase Crit Damage 15% 



 [Psi] Speedster Module 

Psi Power 700 

Psi Crit Damage 100% 

[Hybrid] Speedster Module 

Physical/Psi Power 595 

  • A new area accessory set has been added.

Item Name 


Burned Fly Arms 

2 set option 

3 set option 

Burned Fly Helm 


Physical/Psi Power 150
Aerial/ Back Attack / Chase Crit Damage 12%


???(will be updated with Chapter 2) 


Burned Fly Halberd 


  • New gear items that can be obtained in the Centum City area have been added.
  • Enhancement transfer/salvage group has been updated for those gears.
  • Centum City area quests have been added.
  • Centum City Achievement & Titles have been added.
  • Season 3 channel bonus now applies to the Centum City area.
  • Crew reputation for Centum City area has been added.

2ND Unique Costume – Solomon Outfit Update

  • 2nd unique costume ‘Solomon Outfit’ has been updated for all characters.
  • Solomon Outfit Achievement & Titles have been added. 
  • Solomon Outfit buff for ‘Cancel’ skill has been updated.
  • By applying the ‘Solomon Outfit’ skill effect, ‘Cancel’ skill can provide special buffs. 
  • The buffs do not activate in UNION Arena(PVP). 





HP/MP Recovery 20%


Solomon’s Blessing

HP/MP Recovery 20%

When Cancel is used, total 20% Recovery for 5 secs

Solomon’s Gust

Movement Speed 5% 

When Cancel used, for 30 secs

Costume Dress Room System Update

  • A Dress Room system for storing Unique & Signature costumes has been added.
  • Visit costume NPC in each area in order to use the Dress Room system. (In Dream Theater area, visit Storage NPC)
  • Dress Room can contain [1 Unique Set & 2 Signature Sets] or [3 Signature sets].
  • Bonus stats can be obtained according to the type of stored costumes.
  • Even though the costumes are stored in Dress Room, the Skin pack features of those costumes can still be used.
  • How to Use
  • Click the [Change Set] button in the Dress Room menu and select the costume set that you want to store.
  • Costumes can be stored by right click on the costume icon.
  • Stores costumes can be pulled out by right-click or [Cancel Storage] button.
  • Costumes can be pulled out anytime and which costume to be stored can be changed anytime.
  • Item Destroy is not available while using Dress Room.
  • Repackaged costumes cannot be stored in Dress Room.
  • Bonus Stats according to the costume grade

Set piece 

Signature Costume 

Unique Costume

6 pieces

Bonus Item Found +10%

Bonus Item Found  +20%

10 pieces

Bonus Item Found  +10%

Bonus Item Found  +20%

10 pieces

Movement Speed +5%

Movement Speed +5%

10 pieces




Centum City Chapter 1 Event

  • Event Period: December 15, 2021 – January 12, 2022 maintenance

Merry Closer-Mas Attendance Event

  • Event Period: December 15, 2021 – January 12, 2022 maintenance

Solomon Outfit Event

  • Event Period: December 15, 2021 – January 12, 2022 maintenance

The event below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Lucy Launch Daily Playtime Event



Solomon Synchro Fiber

Item Name


Solomon Synchro Fiber

290 N-coins 

Solomon Synchro Fiber x10

2,900 N-coins

Solomon Synchro Fiber x18

4,990 N-coins

Christmas Package

  • Sales Period: December 15, 2021 – December 29, 2021 maintenance

New Year’s Accumulated Charge Promotion

  • Sales Period: December 15, 2021 – January 12, 2022 9:00AM UTC

The event below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Winter Package


Christmas Golden Box Transmitter

  • Sales Period: December 15, 2021 maintenance – December 29, 2021 maintenance
  •  Special Payback Event 
  • N-Coin Payback to any users who purchased Christmas Golden Transmitter by the amount that a user who purchased it the most.
  • Example: If No.1 user purchased 300 transmitters, all users who have bought the item at least 1 will get 300 N-Coins

► Cheer Up Boys Washing Machine

  • Sales Period: December 15, 2021 maintenance – January 26, 2022 maintenance
  • For all characters
  • Unique Accessory changed to Solomon Outfit

► Santa’s Helper Washing Machine

  • Sales Period: December 15, 2021 maintenance – January 26, 2022 maintenance
  • For Black Lambs team, Wolfdog team, Wolfgang, Luna, Soma, and Bai 
    •  Multiple Chance applied for the whole period! 

The sale below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Spring Fairy
  • Master of Service


► Vultures Secret Store was updated

  • The secret store appears for a limited time once a user has accomplished the conditions.
  • Acquire 1 kind of Solomon Outfit Costumes through Conversion to activate the Solomon Outfit Tuning Support Package.
    • Solomon Outfit Tuning Support Package


      x2 S Guaranteed D Component: Costume
      x20 Splendid D Component: Costume
      x5 Performance Fabric Relaxer


      Package Value: 14,730 Now for only 3,990 N-coins!
      73% Discount
      Purchase Limit: None
  • All can be activated or purchased once per account/character
  • Returning Closer Exclusive Package has a 90-Days reset
  • Purchase Restriction Time of these products is 7-Days

► Items and Credits required to craft Locust Hell Gear/Transcendence Stone have been reduced.

► The amount of Scorpion Core Chip from Battle Program: Misook Jang [Original] has been increased from 8 to 16.

► Mini Washing Machine from UNION Camp now provides same components of the latest Cheer Up Boys Washing Machine.