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    Pre-notice: April 6th Skill Cube Update
  • 2022-03-24 10:13

April 6th Skill Cube Update

The much-awaited new features for the Skill Cube system will soon arrive in Closers World server!

Here are the main changes for this update!

  • New Option Cubes will be added.
    • Names of Option Cubes will be changed in game.
    • Already acquired cubes will be repackaged as box, where you can have new Option Cubes when opening it again.
    • Previous Option Cubes will be replaced with new Option Cubes with similar stats.
    • Option Cubes that are equipped to skills will be changed to new Option Cubes and stored in ‘Cube Inventory’.
    • As Option Cubes will be renewed, names of some related items to Option Cubes will be changed.
  • An exclusive inventory for Skill Cube will be added.
  • Character Skill UI will be changed.
  • New ‘Awakening Cube’ will be added.
  • ‘Skill Cube Conversion’ system will be added.
  • The sources to earn Skill Cube will be changed.