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    Private Black Market Conditions Update
  • 2022-04-12 11:03

Private Black Market Conditions Update

The conditions for the the Private Black Market has been changed and details has been added!

Hello Agents,


We would like to clarify about what we have mentioned in our previous post (Pre-Notice: Private Black Market Update). Individual characters in the account must fulfill the conditions in order to try the Black Market Private trade, instead of only having one character fulfill it.


We hope for your understanding and we apologize for the confusion that this has caused. Below is the specific condition that was changed.

If there is at least one character that meets the said conditions, the rest of the characters in the same account can get access to Private Black Market.

Previous Condition

Before you will be able to use the Private Black Market feature on a character, the character must achieve the conditions.


Updated Condition

Therefore, you should have at least one level 90 character in the account.


Also, an individual character in the same account must be over 168 360 hours from the time it was created (Please refer to this link for this change: Private Black Market – Creation Duration Updated) and have cleared dungeons for 300 times.


If you wish your other characters to have access to the Black Market Private trade, you must achieve the individual conditions.

Updated Private Black Market Conditions

Conditions Details Limit
Character Level The character must be level 90 At least one character in the account
Creation Duration

The character must be over 7 15 Days old

(168 360 hours or longer)

Any characters in the account is eligible, but, the individual conditions should be met.

Dungeon Clears The character must have cleared dungeons 300 times

A Free Private Sale Ticket will still be provided to your account once per day.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar on May 11, 2022 for this exciting update!