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    May 11th Update Patch Notes
  • 2022-05-11 05:00

May 11th Update Patch Notes

Contents & System

► Global VIP Login Reward Renewal

  • The previous Consumable Box and Material Box are replaced with the following 2 new boxes:
Item Item Name
VIP Daily Mail Reward
(Elite Status)
x1 Elite Daily Support Box I
x1 Elite Daily Support Box II
x6 Luck Stabilizer
VVIP Daily Mail Reward
(Platinum Status)
x1 Elite Daily Support Box I
x1 Elite Daily Support Box II
x1 Your Room Mini Washing Machine
x10 Luck Stabilizer
Elite Daily Support Box I Elite Daily Support Box II
x10 Phase Fiber
x5 Greater Phase Fiber
x2 Splendid Phase Fiber
x1 Normal D Component: Costume
x1 Performance Fabric Relaxer
x2~x3 Performance Fabric Treatment
x1 Transcendental Elixir
x1 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
x5 Pet Food
x3-x5 Pet Core
x1~x2 Quality Assurance Seal
x2~x3 Resurrection Capsule (Can use Account Bank/Black Market)

x1 Normal D Component: Gear
x1~x2 UNION Gear Lubricant
x1 Alpha Equalizer (Lv.81~90)
x1~x2 Gear Booster Fuel I
x1 Lucky Gear Boost I
x1 Gear Booster Fortifier
x1 Slot Type Modification Tool
x1 Origin Chip
x1 Sector Pass Selectable Box ver.2.0

x2~x3 Gold Statue
x10~x20 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule (Can use Account Bank/Black Market)

► Washing Machine Rate Table Renewal

  • Changed major Unique/Signature Costume/Accessory Random Boxes into ‘Selectable’ so that you can choose what you want.
  • High value items are added:
Major Changes on Spec-Up Items


Gear Booster +15
SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume & Gear
Enhancement Buff Voucher


Major Changes on Useful Consumables


Alpha Equalizer
Transcendental Elixir



  • Other changes on the list along with the overall rate adjustments

► Changes on Washing Machine Accumulative Purchase Reward

  • New Reward Thresholds are added: ‘250’, ‘500’, ‘700’
  • ‘SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear’ is earned as pouch (Tradable)

► Convenience Improvement – Crew

Face Shade Improved
  • Crew UI is changed.
  • Disband/Leave Crew button is moved to the right side of Your Rank.
  • Go to Crew Hangout button is moved to where Disband/Leave Crew button was.
  • Crew Veteran has an authority to approve a member joining.
  • Crew Veteran can approve a member to join.
  • Crew Veteran can see Join Crew Request tab in Crew info window.
  • A notice is added for Join Crew Request.
  • When there is a request to join a crew, a crew icon appears on the lower right corner.
  • Crew Veteran or higher can see the icon.
  • When clicking the icon, Join Crew Request tab opens.
  • When there is a request to join a crew, ‘NEW’ icon appears on the left in Join Crew Request tab.
  • Search Crew function is improved.
  • ‘Crew Rank Point’ is added to the conditions of Crew search.
  • ‘Crew Rank Point info displayed in Crew search UI takes time to get updated.
  • The way to save Crew News is improved.
  • Max 100 News can be saved.
  • Info displayed in Crew News is fixed.

► Random Character Image System

  • A new system is added: Character images acquired show randomly.
    • Selecting multiple character images in Character Image tab will show a random image out of them.
    • Once character images are selected in Town Tab, a random image out of them will show when entering Waiting Room, a town, a different channel, and closing a dungeon.
    • Once character images are selected in Sector Tab, a random image out of them will show in case of dungeon loading, squad, UI AND HUD.
    • Click Mouse Right Button to select a character image while Mouse Left Button is for preview.
    • Clicking ‘Reset Selection’ under Image/Pack UI, your pack of selected images is reset and the default image will show.
    • When being on a queue of UNION Arena(PVP), 1 random image will show, and a same image appears on the loading for PVP entering.
    • When applying an image package, all emotes, sound, etc included in the pack will be applied together.
    • Deselecting a selected package doesn’t deselect its character image.
    • When entering a sector or UNION Arena, the order of images is randomly decided, and using Special Move in that sector will show images in that decided order.
    • Character Images for Town/Dungeon that were equipped before May 11 are reset.

► Legion Program Improvement

  • Legion Program’s dungeon difficulty is adjusted.
    • Legion Program’s overall dungeon difficulty is lowered.
  • The difficulty of mechanics from Legion Program dungeons is lowered.
    •  Legion Program – Black Hole Bomb in MACHINARY dungeon now appears in higher waves.
    • Legion Program – Sniper in MACHINARY dungeon is now located near to the middle.
    • Legion Program – Water Drop in DEEPSEA dungeon now has a slower speed.
    • Legion Program – The screen range in DEEPSEA dungeon is changed.

► Convenience Improvement

  • How to show Skill Level is changed.
    • The way to show + Skill Level from gear, costume, tunning, etc is changed.
    • For + Skill Level from any options, a parentheses will appear next to the level to display its additional skill level.
      ex) Lv.14 (10+4) EX Exceed Pulse
    • Skill Level-Up from general Level-Up shows as it is now.
  • ‘Skip’ function is added for an item that opens.
    • Clicking ‘Enter’ when opening an item, it opens right away while ESC cancel the opening.
  • Several Mission Objectives are improved for Black Lamb/Wolfdog/Wildhüter.
    • As the missions are changed, much faster mission clear is possible than before.

► Selfie Mode Improvement

  • The screenshot quality of Selfie Mode is improved. Lamb/Wolfdog/Wildhüter.
    • Checking off HDR in Screen Setting will be applied to Selfi Mode, too.
    • Checking off Anti-aliasing in Screen Setting will be applied to Selfie Mode, too.
  • A function to spin a specific emote is added to Selfi Mode. Lamb/Wolfdog/Wildhüter.
    • Mouse Left Click during Selfi Mode can spin a specific emote.
    • You can use Spin for ‘Figurine Standing : Cosplay Café emote in Selfi Mode, and it will be applied to the other emotes later.

► Gear Farming Improvement

  • Farming for some gears is improved.
    • Crafting Machine in Busan – Nampodong can craft ‘Transcendent Locust Hell’ gears directly.
    • The number of Scorpion Core Chip that drops from ‘Battle Program: Misook Jang <Original>’ is reduced(16 -> 8) due to the above change.
    • Required amount of Credit is lowered when crafting Speedster Module, Blue Inferno Trinket.
    • The number of ‘Symbol of Affection’ in Box with Memory of Flood that can be earned from Audience with Legion Commander : Ocean King Asmodeus is changed to 5.

► Last Minute Notice System

  • A notice system for durational items is added.
    • When there are items that are about to be expired soon in Inventory or Storage, the system lets you know through Pop up or item UI.
    • The notice appears in case of Login/Logout a character, and moving to Waiting Room.
    • When you have durational items that have less than 1 Day or 7 Day in Inventory or Storage, a pop up will let you know.
    • Checking off ‘Don’t want to see it again today’ in Last minute notice pop up will cease the notice for that day, and this applies per character.

► Direct Shop

  • Direct Shop system is added.
    • When clicking a material item that is required in NPC ‘Vending Machine’, a list of items that can be bought with the material directly opens.
    • When Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Right Button on an item for Direct Shop in Inventory, it directly goes to the shop.
      • The list of item for Direct Shop can be checked by the following way.
      • Direct Shop Items : The Direct Shop hot key appears in the item tooltip.
    • Other Items : No Direct Shop hot key info in the tooltip.
    • Direct Shop can be used in hub only and is not available in Your Room/Garden/Crew Hangout/Dungeon.
    • Direct Shop doesn’t support opening inventory, selling items or re-purchase items.


Lv.88 Jumping Event

  • Event Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ June 8, 2022 Maintenance

Jumping Character Exclusive Attendance Event

  • Event Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ June 29, 2022 Maintenance

Big-Scale Renewal Event

  • Event Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ May 25, 2022 Maintenance
    • Dungeon Clear Event
    • Daily Accumulative Login Event

The events below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Event Dungeon Sea Bridge Protection Ops
  • Spring Dungeon Clear
  • Spring UNION Pass
  • Machine King Celebration Attendance Event
  • Machine King Celebration Investigation Group Clear Event
  • RenewCelebration Treasure Hunt
  • Closers Weekend



► Premium Private Sale Ticket Year-around

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ Always

► [Renewal] Packages

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ May 25, 2022 Maintenance

► Jumping Packages

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ June 8, 2022 Maintenance

► Battle Dress Costume Package

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ Always
  • For Seha ~ Soma

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Machine King Package
  • Machine King Chain Discount
  • Spring UNION Pass
  • Spring Package
  • Closers Weekend Special Product


► Midnight Crusader Washing Machine

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ June 29, 2022
  • For All characters (new for J, Misteltein, Wolfgang, Cheolsu, Eunha, Lucy)
  • ★ Multiple Chance Throughout the whole period ★ 

► 7th Pet Transmitter – Mini Gomory

  • Sales Period: May 11, 2022 ~ July 27, 2022 UTC
  • New advance pet ‘Ara’ has also been added

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • 6th Pet Transmitter – Mini Jina


  • Skill Tooltip of Seth’s ‘Wild Nature Release’ is changed.
    • ‘Per Skill Level’ → ‘Per additional Skill Level’
  • You can adjust the amount when using Resurrection Capsule and Contribution.
  • Default Character Image is always activated regardless of character level.
  • ‘Torn Teddy Bear Head/Arm’ can now be salvaged.
  • The location of ‘Today’s Mission’ in Legion Program Entry is changed.
  • You can adjust the amount when using Premium Buff, UMP, Mutation Material Capsule.
  • The information of getting costumes in case of Costume Conversion Failure is added to the tooltip.
  • Some phases are improved in Audience with Legion Commander : Ocean King Asmodeus.
    • ‘This is the girl’s toy’ phase which is activated under 40% of HP left now requires reduced number of attack to Anchor : 10 -> 4.
    • ‘Conquer this hardship’ which is activated under 20% of HP left now causes less number of chakram attack by Asmodeus: 8 -> 4.
    • The durability of all overload shield of Asmodeus is reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Passive Effects of some adult pets are not applied properly. – Fixed
  • Even if the star was destroyed in the last phase of Belphegor, the dungeon doesn’t get cleared. – Fixed
  • When the Black Hole phase of Annabelle starts in ‘Machine King’s Strategy Analysis Lab’ dungeon, the clone remains. – Fixed
  • When using the additional air attack of Tina’s Heat Shot – Heat Extension, ‘Battlefield Adaptation’ doesn’t get stacked. – Fixed
  • The number of attack of Eunha’s ‘Cruel Trade’ changes depending the attack speed. -> Fixed
  • Emote is activated only with enough number of costume piece even if the types are different. -> Fixed
  • When playing in The Holy Place of Ocean King, disconnection happens from time to time. -> Fixed.
  • When using certain skills during Bephegor’s Space phase, the background disappears. -> Fixed
  • When Ocean King Asmodeus’s Air Strike is overloaded, the attack operates improperly. -> Fixed
  • When using Selfie Mode, some objects show improperly. -> Fixed
  • When deleting/moving costumes, some selections saved of Character Image pack are not reset. -> Fixed
    • In case the error happens before the update, you need to equip the costume, transfer via bank, etc at least 1 time to unequip Image Pack.
  • ‘+MP’ is applied to set effect from some costumes of J. -> Fixed
  • When using character image from having/equipping duration costumes, character image list is reset. -> Fixed
    • The issue that character image is reset when logging in the game after the duration of costume is expired is fixed.
  • Armor Type is not displayed in Babel Program dungeon. -> Fixed
    • Mutant Gene is now applied automatically by Armor Type marked per level.