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    Mock Battle Season 3 Ending Soon!
  • 2022-05-12 05:56


Mock Battle Season 3


Ending Soon!

Set a better record in Mock Battle Season 3 while you still can!

Hello Agents!


The doors for the Mock Battle Season 3 will be closed early than the end of its season.


Mock Battle Entry Remove schedule

May 25, 2022

(during the scheduled maintenance)

Mock Battle: Season 3 end date May 28, 2022 UTC at 3:59 AM UTC


Act quickly to get rewards from the Accumulative clear event and to get a better record for this season. If you haven’t tried it yet and your character is level 85, visit Celine at Planar Gate and accept the Check Agent Rank quest!


Begin a new journey for the next season’s Mock Battle on June 29, 2022!

New adventure with the renewed system, so better get ready!